How the ICAA Functions

The ICAA is made up of 4 committees.  They are:

  1. Executive Committee
  2. Business Operations Committee
  3. Marketing, Awards & Compensation Committee
  4. Legal/Hearings/Disputes/Character & Ethics Committee

Every September 30th the Board of Directors will send out ballots to the current members to do electronic voting by October 14th to elect new Directors to fill the seats held by those Directors whose terms expire at the end of that fiscal year (same as calendar year).  All newly elected Directors will serve 3-calendar year terms.  All current members of the ICAA are eligible to vote. We believe we are the only business association in our industry that allows “all” members to vote for board members.

The Business Operations Committee will propose Bonvera Entrepreneurs, who are in good standing and also ICAA members, to be on the ballot for election to the board. The Executive Committee will confirm or deny the candidates based on their discretion.  The Executive Committee will establish a minimum Bonvera business achievement level for someone to be on the ballot.

The annual board meeting will be the 2nd Wednesday of January, commencing in the year 2018, and will include the swearing in of newly elected Directors.  Additionally, there may be times committees will meet via phone or online.  Special meetings may also be called as often as necessary to handle important matters that arise.  After each board meeting, approved notes from each committee will be posted on our website.