Board & Committee Members



Here are the final results from the ICAA election that ran from October 25th-31st. The voters were dues paying members of the ICAA and votes were tallied by a third-party secret ballot administrator. The new Board Members took the oath of office in January for their respective terms:

    3-Year Term

Cody Newton
Tim Jarvinen
Jenny Salter

    2-Year Term

Chris Mattis
Nicole Porter
Jim Paullin

    1-Year Term

Raquel Williams
Albert Maglines
Joe Darkangelo

Going forward, the ICAA will elect three new Board Members each year for three-year terms.

Thank you for everyone who was willing to run and serve if elected! And a special THANK YOU for all who have served from the inception of the ICAA by continually investing their time and talent in the formative stages of this amazing opportunity!

Product & Services Committee Appointments for 2018

Congratulations to the newly appointed Product & Services Committee for 2018. The Chairman & Vice-Chairman were elected via secret ballot from the recommendations by Jann Newton, the outgoing Chairman, who along with the entire committee served all Bonvera Associates very well:

Kathy Paullin - Chairman
Laura Darkangelo - Vice Chairman
Amy Marks
Dolores Martin
Danae Mattis
Kirk Porter
Jenny Salter

The ICAA has an important role in vetting, discussing, prioritizing, and approving what needs to be looked at and brought to the Bonvera Board. The Products & Services Committee, an ad-hoc committee reporting to the Business Operations Committee is the first entry point for suggested products and services, including Partners & Affiliates. A key criteria is whether the proposal is aligned with our Vision and Mission statements. The Business Operations Committee then presents their prioritized recommendations to the ICAA Board for review, discussion and a vote to determine what gets recommended to the Bonvera Board.


Sworn in for 2018 at Kansas City Big Game January 19, 2018

Executive Committee -

  1. Tim Jarvinen (Chairman) (3)
  2. Jim Paullin (Secretary-Treasurer) (2)
  3. Cody Newton (3)
  4. Nicole Porter (2)

Hearing, Ethics, Legal, Dispute Committee –

  1. Jim Paullin (Chairman) (2)
  2. Jenny Salter (3)
  3. Raquel Williams (1)

Business Operations -

  1. Nicole Porter (Chairman) (2)
  2. Tim Jarvinen (3)
  3. Joe Darkangelo (1)

Marketing / Awards Committee -

  1. Cody Newton (Chairman) (3)
  2. Chris Mattis (2)
  3. Albert Maglines (1)

AD HOC:  Product and Services Committee -

  1. Kathy Paullin (Chairman)
  2. Dolores Martin
  3. Laura Darkangelo
  4. Amy Marks
  5. Danae Mattis
  6. Kirk Porter
  7. Jenny Salter

Historical Committee (Appointed by the ICAA) –

  1. Bill Newton
  2. Jim Paullin