Independent Community Advisory Association

BONVERA really has a unique advantage for someone seeking a safe and secure business opportunity to achieve their goals and dreams while creating a legacy!

Bonvera in cooperation with the Independent Community Advisory Association (ICAA) has formed a unique and distinctive relationship to protect present and future Entrepreneurs.  This relationship governs and protects the field Entrepreneurs from potential undesirable actions that could adversely affect an Entrepreneurs business.  This cooperative agreement requires that both Bonvera and the ICAA, as representatives of the field, must mutually agree to changes in areas such as: Modifications to the Compensation Plan, Policies and Procedures, Rules of Conduct, Registration and Renewal costs as well as other aspects of each Entrepreneurs business.  By taking part in being an ICAA member, you have a voting right to select the ICAA Board members who protect your business.  This unique relationship between the field and product providers gives us a distinct advantage over other so called “similar” business endeavors in the industry!  We welcome you to a bright future with Bonvera and the ICAA.


The Independent Community Advisory Association (ICAA) exists for the purpose of:

  • Advising Bonvera on any issues affecting the community of associates
  • Promoting, protecting and representing individual business interests for future generations
  • Advocating to Bonvera on behalf of the community
  • Providing a systematic way to gather feedback from individual associates so that their voice can be heard

Each associate will pay $8 annually to be a part of the ICAA. Membership is optional and only for current Bonvera Entrepreneurs.  The association authorizes Bonvera to offer and collect the dues on behalf of the ICAA on the registration form and on the Bonvera website.

This association is a very integral part of the Bonvera business and association participation is integral in its success.

Bill Newton is interviewed by Chris Mattis